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Hello, I want to do myself a data-lifting, but I still have several problems with google dorks when it comes to a person, the purpose is to know how much they can know about me only with search engines, someone can be so kind to help me With a list and how to use them, I would be eternally grateful to you for helping me.

What would u like to know exactly about Google Doks?
and wich domaine are u going to search for data-lifting?

A complete list of the dorks, I only have knowledge of the regulars. The domains are educational units for which I have ever spent to see if they publish information about me that may become visible to others, as an educational unit where I graduate, if I am still studying, courses I have taken, photos about me that these pages give, etc. Thank you very much for paying attention to my post in advance.

Hi mayles!
Glad to have you here!

I’m not sure what you mean by “regulars” but here is a list of the most useful ones:
If you dig a little deeper you may find even more :slight_smile:

PS: If you’re new here it’s always welcome to write a short introduction about yourself in #social:introductions :love_you_gesture:

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