Great Challenge Website

Hey 0x00ers,
Just a quick post to share an awesome website I’ve just found (thanks to our software security teacher tbh) :

There are a lot of different categories (Cryptanalysis, Reverse, Stegano, Web, etc…) and the challenges range from very easy to very hard, so everyone can have fun (plus levels are independant, you don’t need to start with easy ones if you feel confident :wink: ).
They hint you some documentation about the level and once you’ve completed it you can check out Solutions submitted by others.
You only need to create an account to save your progress.

Anyway, hf and HNY !

PS : I had no idea what category this belonged in so feel free to move it if there is a more appropriate place.


Cool! Which (type of) school do you attend to that you have ‘Software Security’ as a subject? :slight_smile:

basically a University in Europe, focused on crypto and infosec :]

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It’s a pretty dope website ! However, some challenges are far from being realistic :wink:

Any in particular ?
idd I can only hope no one in the industry has ever hidden information in the same way as the lower half of the stego levels :smiley:

Also a little thought for you on these “definetely not realistic” CAPTCHAs :wink:

Hi , i just create website for CTF Challenge too , feel free to try the problem here :smiley:

Sorry for my late response. From my point of view, some realistic challenges are not as much realistic as they said. Same opinion about the network section. However, this platform is still a good way to learn and face new problematic.


wow thanks this is really nice