Hackerexperience.com The hacking simulator!

A few people in the irc have mentioned hackerexperience.com, and it looks very interesting. What are your thoughts?

BIG SCARY DISCLAIMER: 0x00sec does not condone this for learning, simply for entertainment :slight_smile:

Hacker Experience is the definition of skid. It desensitizes its users to the underlying workings of hacking. It is very abstract and should not be used for actual learning, only entertainment.

I could have stressed that xD But I thought it was pretty cool. It’s very fairly, and ultimately it is a pretty fun portrayal. However you are right, it isn’t to be used for learning.

You’re right, it seems all they do in the game is execute scripts.

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Although pry0cc is right too, it is all fun and games, although it would be flawed if people actually started thinking of what happened in the game as actual hacking. Yet I guess the same logic could be pointed at games like COD in which people run around and have a kill-fest of some sorts, while real war is very strategized.

I would prefer you link CTFs rather than games since they are more effective in delivering some extent of legitimate scenario and require the proper skill and knowledge.


I don’t get all the hate on this game. I started playing it recently and yes, it is not realistic to real hacking. But seriously guys, does it need to be? Like Cromical said, COD won’t make you an elite soldier. Same goes for Hacker Experience. It is not meant for learning, it is meant for entertainment.



Probably shouldn’t be in this section then. Perhaps in an Entertainment section?


I agree to that.


Nice to see you on here Phoenix :smiley:

I’ve played that game before. The thing is…games like this one have some similarities to hacking.

I played a hacker app that forced you to wait 3 hours while it “cracked” a password. Even though that seemed like a lifetime I knew it dwarfed in comparison to real cracking, which could take weeks or entire months.

I think these games teach users about the hacker methodology and how to think outside the box. Then we have wargames and such that are more realistic.


Completely agree. I’ve found that hacking + programming has taught me lateral thinking, and games that can train your lateral thinking ability might even help you think better, if not actually learn any new information xD

Also, welcome to 0x00sec! Your contributions are valued. Comments and posts :slight_smile: