Hackers, Television and How do you get involved in hacking?


Hi everyone ! I hope you are all doing great.

I was curious to know how did you get involved in Hacking/Securit and I have some question about “Society”

  • What do you think about T.V Documentary who talk about about Cybercrime, hacking and security ?

  • Do you think people are aware of Malware, Social engineering , exploit and hacking ?



Before I was involved with hacking and security I was involved in the maker community. Building Robots and so on always had this cool allure to me. However in the end I found computers-much-much more fascinating, and knew I’d want to spend my life innovating them and securing them. And the hacker/security community really brings the best of both worlds- the people are great, and what you learn is fantastic. Now to answer your question:

TV shows and documentaries are very different and good in their own ways. Documentaries are very informative- often filled with oodles of information (although some of them not as much). However you don’t see the public often watching them or paying attention due to a lack of appeal. The public usually cares about what can harm it the most. While documentaries have information, they can not very well portray how quickly a lack of security can ruin your life. Meanwhile you have TV shows. Not as much information, although they portray the importance of security better and make it easier for the public to understand what’s going on. Although at the same time you have both TV shows and documentaries on the topic that do a terrible job. Mainly because those are mostly for entertainment. However you also see shows like Mr. Robot bringing in the best of both worlds.

And the other one:

Most people are aware that Malware, S.E, and so on do exist. But many times they lack the education to know how to identify them and deal with them correctly. And because of that they can be tricked easily, as well as become more susceptible to attacks. They lack proper security knowledge. It’s become common where people use the same password on most accounts. This isn’t a problem if they know or not. Most people know it isn’t good, but they do it anyway. This problem is more or less about education. A few psychological factors also fit in, but in the long run- it’s really about people being educated. And honestly TV shows and Documentaries are doing a good job of teaching people. But we are humans- social animals. We learn from experience. I’m just waiting for a big attack to happen. One that will really wake people up and help educate them. Well thanks for reading my opinion :smile:!



Wow this is a great answer to my post :D. I’m glad you take time to give your point of view about the questions.

I’m really interested in robot and AI but I was not good with electronic. I should try to learn on my on , because for me hacking is not only security. Hacking exist to make the world a better place :slight_smile:

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Yes, I agree it exists to make the world a better place :slight_smile:. I think you should actually try making something small with electronics! You’ll love it!

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Yeah, hardware hacking sound great :slight_smile:

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