Hacking Motorola Moto E4 and Installing Resurrection Remix OS (unofficial version)

Warning: This is a really long and boring post


Most of my time has been dedicated to getting a new smart phone that’s both affordable and also well, unlockable and also rootable (I’ve concluded if it’s unlockable, it’s rootable, but I could be wrong). Anyways, after much searching I settled on the Moto E4. The version I got came unlocked at Walmart and is a beauty except one thing, the internal storage, but I’m also working on getting a micro SD card. The specs are as follows:


Internal Storage: 16 gb (micro SD card capabilities)


(supports up to 128 GB)

Battery: 2800mAh Li-ion (removable)

Processor: Quad Core Snapdragon 427 (1.4 GHz)

Android Version: Nougat

The specs are decent and the price wasn’t bad, was around $129.99, but I got a discount of 10% off purchase, family member works at Walmart, but anyways, once I got my phone I immediately went to rooting it/screwed up the main OS (don’t ask, but I accidentally deleted the OS). I kind of deleted the OS after installing TWRP, but I got a lightbulb. Ok, so, I deleted the main OS, but I knew the existence of alternative Android Operating Systems. After much searching, I settled on Resurrection Remix OS (unofficial version), but first I shall introduce how to install TWRP on the Moto E4.

##Installing TWRP:


  • Unlocked Bootloader
  • TWRP image
  • ADB
  • Moto e4
  • A brain (please)

The first step is unlocking the bootloader (obviously).

First off though, before yall do anything, go to Settings -> About Phone -> Tap on Build Number seven times. This’ll enable Developer on your phone. After obtaining Developer. Go to Settings -> Developer Options -> enable OEM Unlock and also enable USB Debugging.

Now this is the fun part (ish). We shall boot into the bootloader/fastboot (whatever it’s called) using Android Developer Bridge (ADB). First plug in your phone using a USB cable, I usually use the USB cable that it comes with and in a terminal, I’m assuming it’s Linux:

adb devices

Your device should show up… if not, double check that USB debugging is set to: Use device as MIDI and run the command again.

Now that our device is recognized by ADB, we shall boot into bootloader. You could use the key combinations, but in that same terminal type:

adb reboot bootloader

Your Moto should reboot to bootloader… should as in, if you do everything up to now, your phone should be in bootloader. Now type in:

fastboot devices

Again, your device should show up.

After fastboot recognizes your device… it’s time to get the unlock code for OEM. Type in:

fasboot oem get_unlock_data

Once you get your OEM unlock data, navigate to the Motorola official website, and create a account and follow the directions on there, copy and paste your OEM unlock data from the terminal, line by line and hit the submit button. If successful your new key should be emailed to you. Once you get your key, type in:

fastboot oem unlock (key)

That’s it! Your phone is unlocked… Now we can get to installing TWRP.

TWRP is a custom recovery that’ll allow us to flash ROMs.

First step is of course to download TWRP. Once downloaded, save it to your desktop or wherever you wish. Now still in bootloader/fastboot, type in:

fastboot flash recovery (twrp image)

Once it is done flashing, in bootloader press the up arrow key till you see Recovery option. Hit the power key in order to boot into your new recovery. Now we shall flash Recovery Remix OS and also Gapps (Google Apps, kek). Save the files to your storage (I prefer micro sd card, but internal is just as good). In TWRP Recovery, tap on Install and navigate to where you saved Ressurection Remix OS and swipe on the bottom to flash the ROM. Once done do the same thing to Gapps since you’ll need Google Apps to do anything, unless you know how to work without Gapps.

Once done flashing, press back and hit Reboot -> Bootloader and once booted into Bootloader, press power button (the option you’ve booted into is Start which is what you’ll need to boot into your new OS, don’t ask me why this is so, I have no idea and still researching this “issue” because without booting into bootloader and selecting start, you will boot into TWRP).

That’s it! Enjoy your new OS.

I do apologize if this was long, but I did my best.



I’ve been rooting loads of phones lately for work and I’ve been following this exact process. But what made you use Resurrection Remix OS? I’ve been loading Lineage OS on the phones I’ve been doing, even the dev builds and was just wondering what the decision was there.

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I wanted Lineage OS but there wasn’t a official version, but I did found in Google, Resurrection OS. It is a beauty. I guess, impulse?

Okay thats reasonable enough there is a dev build for the moto e4 thats out right now that I found if you were still wanting lineage os

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Long? Really? Good effort on this post forg.

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