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Hi kindly new here so quite not sure what to expect from this post. Anyway straight to the point. Theoretically if some one had an idea to make a mining malware ( crypto). How to spread it to other devices ( phones, PCs )? How to build it ? Using Kali Linux on Raspberry pi and make a free WiFi connection to everybody and sending it to each connected device ? Also would be better if malware is using CPU for mining and somehow automatically sending it to wallet…well it seems like a sci-fi this idea but who knows …

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Just learn from best malware coders. Find samples, analize it and create your own.
If RaspPI would be located on some huge traffic street/ place then yes. You could setup hotspot exploiting every device connected. Mining is already sending profit on your wallet automaticly so…
You would need to create malware compatible with win,linux and separate one for android (not sure about ios, win phone).
Also mining softwares should be frequently updated so you would need some updater if you would not have C2.
I can be mistaken, never actually wrote one

Is there on forum any topic about this? How to create such malware? Or where to find samples like you mentioned. Thank you anyway for your response.

HI @z3r0x,

You can find plenty of resources over the internet about malware development, self-propagation mechanisms polymorphism, crypto mining and so forth. I advise you to do your own research on this subject and if any questions remain, we will be happy to clear this out with you.

Quick note, exposing a free Wifi with an HTTP proxy whose aim would be to add Javascript crypto miner on the fly should be less risky and enough to get a few coins in a big city :slight_smile:

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I think hashrate would be too low to even bother with JS proxy miner

Depends on how many pips are using your hotspot. Stay around an airport and I can guarantee you that you can make some profit.

Thank you guys for all your support. I have a good job always I am moving from city to city so I have many chances to be in shopping centers or airports etc. If I count good (ofc depends on hashrate) per day you can mine like 0,3$ max 1$ daily also depends on crypto "what to mine " but maybe it would be better to stay with Monero …

you mean it should be hosting a site and get a service worker up n running once someone connects?

Nop. It should create a fake AP, and proxify each request though an HTTP proxy whose aim would be to inject the cryptominer dynamically.

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I am just reading all your advices here and I’m very thankful for all your support. Anyway, I just started this topic so I might have a question yet. Maybe it’s risky or tricky. Well the country or city I’m coming from is a little bit behind apes. To remain annomity I will not expose the country what is understandable for you guys.

What about an idea to hack a free WiFi connection in Mal for example and inject it with malware? Every person which will be connected to WiFi get a Malware. I don’t need to make my own connection but using their own .

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