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Hello Fellas!
Need your help in getting root(administrator) on HTB’s Access CTF. I got user flag, and also got some hints like (runas /user:ACCESS\ADMINISTRATOR /savecred /profile CMD) , but this command not displaying anything.

Is there anything else there that I am not looking at.

P.s I am accessing low priv shell via telnet.


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Hey mate, please put all your hints in [spoiler] [/spoiler] tags.

And also to make it clear, there cannot be any spoilers in this thread :slight_smile: they will be removed if there are spoilers.


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The runas command does not sent the output back to the console as you’d expect… trying executing cmd.exe with a “/C command_to_run”, and then see if you can find a way to save the output within this command to somewhere you can access.

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thanks man!
Got the root flag. Hurray!:hugs::cowboy_hat_face::sunglasses:


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