HackTheBox for Learning Hacking


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I think it’s a good thing.

It’s not very difficult to get, and it means you don’t end up with overcrowded boxes.

Persistence! Tip: inspect element and JavaScript.

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For someone like me with not as much experience in InfoSec whereas I have plausible knowledge in programming this is very nice to say the least.

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Can I get invite code please ? :slight_smile: Would love to check it out and partake.

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No - nobody here will give you the invite code.

You need to find it yourself. If you know inspect element, you can do it.

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LOL should of guessed signing up is the first challenge… will take a peek at source.

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Trust me when I tell you that if you can’t hack the invite code process, you’ll have a lot of trouble on HackTheBox. Most of the actually CTF challenges are leagues beyond the hack involved to obtain an invite. It is a very good investment of your time, though. Use the tools available to you (your browser, other networking tools on your PC) and if you persevere you’ll get it.

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“Please check your inbox for an email verification link.”

More like crypto puzzles :stuck_out_tongue:


While hackthebox is a great platform, I also feel I should warn you about some “risks”. Unlike vulnhub, htb is an online platform, meaning other, more skilled hackers, can be on the same box as you while you are still on it. Htb certainly takes measures to protect you, but they can’t do everything. They attract highly skilled people too, and god knows what their intentions might be. Htb states this themselves.

I recommend to use a vm specifically for htb just in case it gets compromised. If you be wise with htb, it is a WONDERFUL platform!

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First of all, I want to congratulate @pry0cc for making this partnership happen. And, of course, the others involved and HackTheBox for offering an excellent platform for us to have fun; improve creativity and pentest skills. This whole thing is awesome!

I’m new to the pentesting area. I came from the REsearch area (on Linux environment). So, I have some familiarity with low-level things. I believe that every researcher must obtain the skill and malice of a pentester. – That’s the reason why I’m here and be enrolled in HTB.

I’ve my subscription in a couple months ago, but I really start to playing in a couple weeks. In a few days, I acquired my VIP pass at HTB for the same reason of…

There’s another platform that I was impressed with. So, I believe it’s worth giving support to them as well: https://attackdefense.com/members (from PentesterAcademy)

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HackTheBox Weekly Challenge - Waldo
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Yes HackTheBox anc attackdefense.com are the two main sites I highly recommend.

Not all have the budget, but I invest in a home lab which has switches and two enterprise servers with ESXi to work on devops stuff and learning containerization, security tools, and more.

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There’s a page for invite 5hen you basically have to hack in.

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This is a great idea! I don’t have all that much space for any more virtual boxes on my computer. I have a couple right now, but I would like to play with more. This is a great opportunity to do so!


I found out about this partnership only now, shame on me. Projects like this should be very good incentives to push people into making their contribution for this community, because we all benefit from it and these are great opportunities to learn new things and have fun together. Thank you @pry0cc, it’s time to get some work done.

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I do being a homeschooled middle schooler



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Very neat site. Just signed up.

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Ayyyyy. Anyone doing Friendzone? I think getting out of an actual friendzone would’ve been easier.