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That was a tricky but fun box, I rooted it today. Where are you at? Remember to use spoiler tags.

(he not busy being born is busy dying) #42

Found the note, did the Brazilian dance, looking for the Lieutenant Fuck Internet haha


Something something watch out for file extensions. If you’ve already found the right page, of course.

(he not busy being born is busy dying) #44

Will take note and try later today. It’s almost 4 am here, need sleep. Goodnight nullers.


Late night hacking is the best hacking. Goodnight and good luck for later.


@pry0cc how to add myself in the team. Already sent message to “0x6e756c6c” but no response.


Hey @laxudope, take a loot at this^^ Explaining the VIP Status on 0x00sec


@vict0ni @pry0cc @0x6e756c6c
is there any relation between “0x00sec VIP” and “0x00HTB team”.

I don’t know why people first want to add people in their HTB team and after that they not responds to someone who really want to do it.

(he not busy being born is busy dying) #49

Yes, only the VIP members are able to join the HTB team of 0x00sec. It is one of the few perks of being a VIP member as is being able to join on Discord. One can earn VIP membership by being fairly active on the forum and the community as whole. Providing help and contributing valuable information to the community like topic discussions, comments and articles, tutorials, anything that is worth cents counts. You have to have a good positive presence in the community for you to be considered as such.


@laxudope Maybe the people you messaged are currently busy? Sometimes that happens. The HTB team used to be open to everyone until just a few days ago, but eventually most of its members started being inactive and now only VIP users can be part of it, to have an actual active group made of trusted people who can all discuss in one place, even if it means having a smaller team. We should update the old posts to say explicitly the team is no longer open.

(Leader & Offsec Engineer) #51

It has been updated, thank you for explaining it, and @hoboscientist good job!