HackTheBox Machines for beginners

Hey to whoever is reading this! :v:

So my friend asked me if i can teach him hacking on HTB, and i just wanted this to be a thread for people who are just starting out & are looking for quite good machines for a good beginning.

Drop your favourite beginner friendly machines down in the comments! (Active & Retired)


Most of the boxes that are rated as Easy are accessible to newcomers, they might take you a little bit to solve at first but once you get your methodology down and have experimented with a few tools you should be able to breeze through them. Here are a few nice easy boxes that take little time to solve:


  • Jerry
  • Blue
  • Sunday
  • Lame
  • Irked
  • Curling
  • Arctic
  • Access
  • Active
  • Granny
  • Grandpa
  • Bastion (still accessible from the free labs right now)
  • Bounty
  • Nibbles
  • Netmon
  • Help

And the currently active ones:

  • Heist
  • Writeup
  • Networked
  • Luke
  • Swagshop

There are many more available between the retired challenges, I listed the ones I remember liking. If your friend needs help he can always join the public discord server and ask in the dedicated channel.


I really enjoyed Valentine, Chaos was also a good first box for me (all retired)

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I think @Baud nailed it pretty much, I remember Swagshop & Luke to be good fun (I started a couple of months ago). What I’d recommend is to do some active boxes, rooting one is already an amazing feeling, but when you reach the next rank it just gives you some extra motivation when starting out.

I hope your friend will have some fun, it’s supposed to be fun!


SwagShop just breaks so often on free servers & Luke is kinda weird with the curl commands.
I think other boxes are more fun :confused: Ty anyways!


Something completely else from what i’ve heard so far. I need to try them once i have VIP! :slight_smile:

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Hey i was on the site earlier would anyone be kind enough to send me an invitation code?

dude are you serious … ?
the main page actually says hack your way in nobody gives you an invite code :joy:

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There are no invite codes. You have to get the invite code for yourself from the registration page.

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i didnt getbthat, thank you though.:joy:

You have to figure it out by yourself…
None can give you a invitation code

I have made a post about that…you can check