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Hi 0x00ers!

This weekly HackTheBox challenge is a bit of an unusual one. In the #hackthebox channel on the VIP Discord Server, I noticed a lot of us had gotten behind on existing weekly challenges due to life and other things, so we’re all in different places.

Also, looking at the current boxes that are available, it seems that I have owned most of the easy-medium rated boxes, and I got really bored on last weeks Box, LaCasaDePapal and gave up, but might have a crack at it again.


Box Info

Pick any box that takes your fancy, and try all the past challenges if you haven’t already!

Post below what box you’re going for this week!

Thread Rules:

  • No Spoilers
  • No Spoilers

  • If you need to ask a question, please use [spoiler][/spoiler] tags if you think it’ll reveal information
  • Hints are allowed if they are vague, and oddly cryptic. Paint an Escher painting with your words
  • Feel free to post that you pwned a box, but no write-ups. near-fatal for help without effort on your part will be met with near fatal doses of sarcasm
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I’m going to try catching up on Lightweight and LaCasa while I am out of the country later this week because I will actually be closer to a lot of 0x00sec members’ time zones.

After that, the box I had started prior to our weekly challenges was Teacher, and I’d like to circle back around to it.

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