Have any of you taken OTW's courses?


I was checking up on his website and saw he now offers ‘confidante’ services where you get 24/hr access to him for $500 a year. I’m not one to dish out money for any kind of course, but I was wondering if anyone here has and if so, how was it??



Who is OTW? What are his courses for?



The only thing I did was the CWA Certification for 99$.
I’m looking forward for the next level certs, CWE and CWP.

The CWA is a very good entry level cert for whit hat hackers and is (in my point of view) already better then the CEH by EC-Counsil.
I’m really looking forward for the next ones because these will be also practical, so you really have to hack a system (CTF kinda thing I suppose). The CWE should be available around June this year.

I haven’t heard about the 24/hr access yet. What exactly is that?


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OTW is OccupyTheWeb, a former NullByte member who wrote many good articles(and even had a contract with them). When we split from NullByte(when he got fired), he made a website on his own where he does some posts and sells some certification (trainings?).



You set up a protonmail and he will reply to all your questions within 24 hours. Like a personal stack overflow.

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@zSec Ofcourse it is better than CEH when you look at it technically because CEH is a joke. But ironically many jobs require you to have the cert.

I’m not interested in his certs, but more in his articles on SCADA hacking because I work in EE in industrial environments.


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OccupyTheWeb is a really kind person.
I trust his/her service.

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