Hello i'm so excited :)

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Hello 0x00sec ! i’m glad i joined this awesome community also i will be every single day here and will try to help with what i can ! Phoenix was the guy who motivated me to keep doing things like those ! thank you man. Also i would like to suggest to create new category something like for example we can discuss fun things around game community and etc :slight_smile:


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Welcome to the community @spylegion ! :grin:

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Big things are coming. I’m really exited as well!

What do you mean by gaming? Like PC games and stuff? If so, this community is about strictly Information Security and Computer Science. We will sadly not incorporate other topics because that is not what we do here. If we start fragmenting it starts to get messy.

If you meant like CTF and hacking games, things that are related to real Hacking, then we already have CTF categories.

Good to have you @spylegion!


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Thanks for the respond :slight_smile: not exactly gaming just a category where people can relax by sharing cool stuff from their life or something like that ! i saw this in many other forums and i thought we can include this too :slight_smile:


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Its an interesting idea! We will talk about it.

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Glad to see my pupil has joined us as well. Welcome to our community!



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Nice idea. Pokeman Go!!! XD