Help decrypt ransomware encrypted file

I’m trying to decrypt this file
It is a 361 byte file that has been encrypted by a ransomware. Any idea on how to get myself started?
Any help is appreciated.

(Btw, sorry if this is a dumb post. I’m new to this sort of thing.)


Each ransomware works differently so we need to know what program encrypted your file in order to find the right decryption tool. Upload your file on this website, or on this other one, it will give you the name of the ransomware you caught. Once we have the name we can look for a tool that can decrypt the files made by that specific ransomware.

Neither of the websites managed to identify the ransomware. I suppose I’d need the ransom note.
I don’t have a note with me, so this will just stop dead here. Welp, At least I know a little more about this now.

Thank you for the info!

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