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Hey 0x00er’s I’ve got a pretty vague question but I’m hoping to learn, and have my questions answered.

So the question; how to I get into info sec as a career? I’ve noticed a lot of members on here are in the field, and after reading so many posts and doing a lot of research on ethical Hacking, I’ve decided that’s something I’m very much interested in. I’m a big supporter of local businesses and am friends with a lot of local business owners, and I’d love to help them in any way I can, but I don’t know where to start. I’ve been reading The Basics of Hacking and Penetration Testing by Patrick Engebretson, and have loved it so far, and want to get a career in the field.

The question, where do I start? I’m currently in college, taking some gen ed classes, I’m assuming I need a degree of some sort to get into the field? And what options are there? I listened to the Jek Hyde interview on the wacksec podcast and physical pentesting and social engineering sounds interesting, but I also enjoyed messing with code (have a little experience with html and css) in high school. Any advise you guys can give me would mean the world to me :smile:

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Oh man, loaded question.

Quick answer?

  • Step 1. Make a blog, youtube channel, website, whatever.

  • You NEED something to show that your passionate about what you do and CAN do it, you don’t even have to be good at it, just decent.

  • Step2. Network, network, NETWORK!!!

  • You HAVE to go to events and talk to ppl if you don’t want to go through HR filters; degrees and certs help but aren’t exactly necessary if you can talk to the right people.

  • If you, for some reason, want to go the classic route of shotgunning applications through HR filters, get a CS degree and some certifications (Anything Offsec is dope); it’s all about tricking those filters, nobody actually reads your cover letter or resume. Alternatively, you’ll have a better chance of evading HR filters by applying to smaller companies (Who usually won’t have that tech to begin with). In my experience, large companies won’t even consider you if you don’t look good on paper, regardless of your actual skill or talent level.

  • Step 3. ???

  • Step 4. Profit

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You have a lot of time to develop yourself. Definitely join any tech-related clubs/orgs at your school.

Edit: This’ll help you network and give you a chance to learn from others; maybe you’ll even discover a few things you didn’t know about.



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