[help] how to study assembly language in Ubuntu?

hey, friends! How do I go about studying the assembly language with Ubuntu?Almost all the other sources are designed for Windows, so could anyone help me out on where to start? Thank you!

I don’t really grasp what message you are trying to convey. Are you asking for sources to learn assembly in Ubuntu because all the other sources are for Windows?

Also, I have edited your original thread to be more clear. You’ll get answers faster if you speak in a clear language. I assume you are not a native English speaker, so I took care of that.

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I assume that you are talking about x86 or x86_64.
When we you want to learn assembly I think there are two approaches you can follow. As usually there is a bottom-up procedure and there is also a top-down. At the medium there is the operating system which acts like a “proxy”, so it would be better to tell us what’s your knowledge on the topic before asking on recommendations for further reading.

yeah, friends. My English is so poor,thank your patience.yesterday,I saw a post about a virus on Linux what was made with assembly language. it drives me interested .I want to write a Linux virus with assembly language on Ubuntu.

I want to study assembly language on linux,but I find only assembly language data on Windows architecture .And I am a noob.

So could you give me some help?
thank you very much

yeah, brother. Thank your answer.I want to study Intel x64 & x86 assembly language on Linux.I want to write a Linux virus with assembly language,but I have no idea.and my knowledge is poor.I want to some help for assembly language on Linux.thank you very much.

The infamous book called Hacking: the art of exploitation covers some assembly programming in a Linux environment with an emphasis on exploitation. It might be a good starting point




thank you for tonne, brother!you have given me a good direction to study.:+1:

thank you very much, friends! it’s very useful!!!

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