Help me in cracking this

Hello. I need some help :smiley:

I am supposed to crack the authentication algorithm used in SIM cards - called comp128 V2 . It is used in authenticating your sim with the network using SIM secret key ( and getting this key is my target :smiley: ). V1 of this algorithm was cracked long ago (before 2002) but it is useless now in 2018 :smiley:
I have no previous experience in cryptanlysis( But for sure I have in programming :smiley: ) but I was to do it my self as I FOUND NO ATTACK ON THIS VERSION AS NO ONE CARES NOW ABOUT 2G :frowning:

My questions that I hope to get answers.
1- The only thing I had is a good understand of the code, What should I do next to break it ? (some advises may help )

2- Does anyone know on dark/deep web any forums,websites,blogs,…etc which may help in this? ( hacking but on communications systems(2G,…etc), IMSI catchers and hardware not normal exploits,…etc stuff.) and can if they need invitation someone give me one :smiley:

Code ( if any one cares about it ):

Target: I have input ( Nonce ) and output and I need the second input (Key)

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