Help with cyber security class

I am looking for resource - similar site to hack this site that my students can work through.

Also, looking for good powerpoints presentations of ethical hacking / cyber security.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Cybrary .it is a good option

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I don’t know about powerpoint presentations, but for exercises you could do some simple vulnhub VM’s for your class. You can put harder VM’s in place over time. This shouldn’t even be too complex: set up the vulnerable VM on your computer (maybe with some IDS-like software and wireshark to monitor what is coming in and out?) and wire up the computers of your students to a network with the VM. I think this should be possible.

HackTheBox is also an alternative, but the exercises there can be too hard for fresh students.

You can find PowerPoint presentations included in pretty much every online video course, but these are almost all paid courses, so maybe try with Cybrary and make your own from their videos, although from my experience their videos aren’t too descriptive, they can be very superficial, but at least they’re all free. Personally, I’d always choose a complete book even as pdf over a presentation.

I also recommend vulnhub and Hack The Box like the others, they have a lot of free exercises you and your students can solve together for the first few times to teach the basics, and then you could even use those machines as actual homework, they have virtual machines of all difficulty levels, but the ones on Hack The Box are definitely almost exclusively of intermediate level, or even difficult or very difficult levels, while vulnhub has a very nice selection of machines for beginners.

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