Help with kali Linux

Hello im new here and im trying to learn more about linux and how to use linux and every tool it has, is there a guide book or someone who can teach me most of it if not all.

First of all welcome! Secondly I have to something right away. There won’t be ‘someone’ that teaches you how to use (Kali) Linux.
Especially Kali Linux is meant as a penetration testing system, hence it includes a ton of different tools for different tasks…

If you would have searched a bit you would have found the kali linux revealed book that probably is a decent start if you really want to know about Kali Linux. If you want to learn penetration testing and utilize the tools there are other ways to learn …

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Do you know a site that will teach me about penetration testing

There is no substitute for hands-on learning. Check out One of the things that is really great about it is that many of the challenges have links to useful learning resources (docs, talks, blog posts, ect). Once you complete a challenge I highly recommend looking at the submitted solutions to see how others have done it. I’ve personally learned quite a bit from that.

There are a lot of other useful sites too. There are some great “awesome lists” on github. is a really good list. There are more resources there than you could reasonably get through. Just follow your interests.

My biggest suggestion is to try out

Go there, make an account, and get a VIP pass, it’s really one of the best platforms for beginners to learn how to use their tools properly in a legal environment.

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