Hooking in x64 bits

Hi 0x00sec !!

I’m working on a behaviour detection engine for personal research, in which I should hook windows API function to have such visibility over the monitored process.
I wonder if anyone has already performed hooking in x64 mode?
Using the same technique described in x32 mode presented by dtm, here is the code I tried to inject (0xdeadbeefdeadbeef represent the address of the hooked function)


And here is how it’s looks like in the debugger


As you can see, it doesent seem like a jumpable addr .

PS : I don’t want to use other hooking library, I want to implement my own.
Thank you in advance

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Have you tried changing the line with dwNewAddress to use DWORD64 instead of BYTE?

WriteMemory<DWORD64>((LPVOID)(dwFuncAddress + 3), dwNewAddress);

It works :smiley: !!! Thank you so much @dtm !!