How do you learn WinApi

1: Can you tell us how you learned all about the windows API

2: How do you master it.

3: What are the resources you used while learning the windows API

4: Share the resources you used with us

5: Which programing language you used C or C++

6: Tell us more

More important the resources(link, PDF video anything just where)

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Can start here


Thanks @ripmeout :heart:
I really appreciate👍

If you can afford then I would recommend Windows 10 System Programming(Parts 1&2) by Pavel Yosifovich - Link

Otherwise the most comprehensive (FREE) source I’ve found is Tenouks website. Its old from 2005-2008 but cross referencing with MSDN should help. I don’t think the guy who made the tutorials is native English speaker so some of the grammar is off - Link

Hope it helps.


Thanks @Bass_R33v3s. I will check it out :+1:

Can’t forget about Windows Internals Part 1 and Part 2. I would recommend purchasing them used.

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