How get gmail account

Is it possible to bruteforce a gmail acount when you got the email or do you know any better methods?
But what if the password is ‘brutesave’?

You can’t, try doing it manually and you’ll see why.

so how to do it and why not to brute with hashcat?

Hashcat is there to crack hash values, not to bruteforce online services. Any halfway well-written web application will detect such attacks and will block your IP or request a captch. Whatever you’re up to, I’d leave it .

Here are some informations about this topic:

  1. Try logging in multiple times - this will most likely result in captcha popup so you won’t be able to easily automate this.
  2. If they are good - and we are talking about google here - they will log how many failed attempts per ip you use in several minutes, probably they gonna give you an increasing timeout or lock the account.
  3. If you haven’t already raised several alarm bells, you need to circumvent the timeout and captchar.
    You need to get your hands on a larg(er) bot-net, by renting from a nice russian company or by building it via a computer worm f.e. Then each bot can try a password from a password list (you REALLY don’t want to brute force this, or you’d need hundret-thousand bots, this is on a govermental-scale-level so don’t fuck with the wrong people here kek)
    Many lower accounts can be taken by this, but it’s more about getting steam accounts or something where people use unsecure passwords, or something like school boards which would not implement tight security mechanisms
  4. If you are lucky, the bots won’t count as failed attempts and everything works. If not - and again, we are talking here about google - they will lock an account after several failed attempts, even with different ips, so what you need to do is implement kind of a “flux-control”, meaning that never more then 3 attempts in let’s say 2 seconds appear. This will raise your time bar by ALOT.

_ go with social engineering, it’s faster, cheaper, and better for the envoirment LOL

I know social inginering is better and fater but I want to do this else to improve my skills

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