How NOT to Write a Security Blog



So I was browsing the net like you do and I came across this security blog.

Looks interesting. Let’s check it out.

What’s this?

u fokin’ w0t m8te?

ill bash yer fookin ead in, i sweah on me mum


Lamers are everywhere mate ! :smile:


It’s even more funny because he even commented memcpy() does not check the boundary. Be careful! but screws up anyway.


Multiply the number of characters in a string by the amount of !'s used to find your IQ. No wonder he is a genius.

In seriousness this is a pretty funny blog post. It’s a shame seeing that he only has 1 post in the past 2 years.

(Command-Line Ninja) #5

Ahahaa! Be grateful we have such a good community here. Maybe you should ask him to write for 0x00sec :joy: