How to access sites that try to force an app down your throat when you're on Android


Short article, but sometimes you’ll find that sites force you to download an app to access certain content, for example Facebook, 9GAG etc.

This is easily solved:

Download Firefox on Android from the APP store
In firefox change the useragent string.
HOW: Scroll down to Firefox, I believe the Chrome one doesn’t work.

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Isn’t there the option ‘Request Desktop Site’ on every major Android/iOS browser? :slight_smile: (This should change the user agent, it isn’t persistent as your solution though)
P.S.: Tried about:config on Firefox on iOS and it didn’t work

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There is, but those sites don’t care about that.
All they care about is the User Agent string.
Also request desktop might change the user agent string, but not sufficiently, it still won’t think you’re on a PC.
Haven’t tried it on iOS.


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