How to become a malware writer?

I have some questions

  • Which operating system should I use? Do I need to use kali linux?
  • When I want to try a malware, what should I do?
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First off you have to think about what kind of malware you would want to write and which language you’d use. Generally speaking RATs, Botnets etc. are written in C, Rust. Rust is a modern low-level language and I can’t say anything about it but C is great. (Of course there are a lot more but these two should give you a good start.)

The things you’d want to learn are:

  • how (assuming you want to write malware for windows) do the internal parts of the OS function. Good books related to the topic are Windows Internals Part 1/2.

  • the programming language you want to write the malware in - let’s say that’s C, good books for it are C programming and also Windows 10 System Programming Part 1/2 - these two are essentially good if you want to work with the Windows API.

  • another thing is how to write your server - HTTP calls, IRC based server, basically you can search for more but these two are very common. You want to learn how to work with them in the language you’re coding in but more important is to just understand how data circles between the client -server model using these protocols. (Assuming you’d want to write a client-server based malware, P2P really aren’t for beginners )

One thing to do is to just write code, don’t just read trough it, you won’t learn anything this way. Just get your hands dirty. And also remember - THIS IS FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY!!! SPREADING MALWARE IN ANY FORM IS ILLEGAL.

First of all, thank you for your answer, but what you said, I also found out, my current problem is the two questions I mentioned, especially how to test malware.

Well you could just test it out on some machine you have and don’t use. Idk how you can do it on virtual machines though.

You can use whatever you want or feel comfortable with. If you feel comfortable using Kali Linux then you can use it. But you will need the right tools (MinGW compiler on Linux to compile your malware for windows systems).

Use a Windows 7 - 10 Virtual Machine for testing purposes or a Computer/Laptop you OWN.

thanks for your sharing and can you tell me the difference between debian and kali.

@zxcv you need to learn a lot. You can make research about this on google :woman_shrugging:

Kali is based on Debian, but includes,

  • some forked packages which aren’t in Debian
  • packages combinations from multiple Debian repositories, which is non-standard behavior
  • packages which aren’t (currently) in any Debian repositories

You can read more about this here.

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Yes I agree probably your fist and best step is to learn how to google. @zxcv It’s better and faster for you and that way you can widen your area of knowledge in the quickest way possible. When you think of a question just try google searching it fist before asking on some forums, because it has probably been answered, if the answer isn’t clear enough then you can open a thread and ask around, generally that’s how you’ll go and learn in the field of IT. Also refer to books! I can’t emphasize enough how important that is. Your goal should be to understand as much as possible about the topic you’re interested in just because the more you know the better. Hope that this gives you a good start in your career!

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You dont need kali linux to hack.Any linux distro can be use for hacking plus as i noticed it is easier to code python scripts for linux than windows.Also learn c, c++ and c# They are really good at “windows programming”.

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Before you start to write something you should know how it will work. You can analyse/reverse-engineering any malware samples. The samples are available on many sites (for example This get you understanding of their functionality, how to hide malware (packing/crypting/obfuscation), how to hide OS API importing, infection mechanism and etc.

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Thank you very much, could you share me some documents?

THANK YOU , that’s also something I’m looking to find out about

For to write malware you can use any OS and any language, I recommend you of view this → Best language for write malware - #17 by R3DS4U11

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