How to build a Successful Information Security Career

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While surfing the web, I stumbled upon a blog post which I found to be very helpful for beginners.
Be sure to check out this guide if you want to start a successful cybersec career! :slight_smile:

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Hey, thanks for the link! That’s what I was looking for o/

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Great share man! Keep 'em coming!

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You can listen to stories of how people got into Infosec… it’s meant to educate and inspire those looking to get into the field:


Hi thanks for your writeup it was super helpful. I have a question about setting up a home lab. Currently I am using my desktop PC (around 8gb of RAM) as a daily driver and also use it for practicing pen testing with some VMs on virtaulbox. Though this gets pretty stressed with just 2 VMs running.

I’d love to setup the kind of lab you are suggesting and am wondering if i can achieve this with some relatively cheap hardware as i’m on a pretty tight budget while im studying. Thanks :slight_smile:

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thankyou , really a piece everyone new must go through, never thought about creating a lab for fun, will make one now…

Thought I would share my 10 cents on this one. As a manager and someone who has interviewed provided jobs for over 100 people in InfoSec, the most attractive things you can provide a business is passion and people skills (better described as soft skills).

Sure being a speaker at an event is great, as well as paying all your hard earned cash on certifications, this isn’t actually the main source of success (although it will certainly help).

My advice would be to understand how the business you represent works and understand how you can create value or a return in investment.


the article is really brief and practical, much appreciated!!

One thing to add to this which isn’t often covered by articles or “how-to” stuff is “Know your gaps”. By this I mean it’s super important to understand that you don’t know everything. There will be gaps in your knowledge and you should be confident in identifying these. This will help you grow as a tester and consultant.

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