How to Bypass windows defender smartscreen?

Hello, my friends. Lately, I have been struggling to bypass this horrendous image below from the windows defender smartscreen.
Print windows defender smartscreen.jpg

For my current understanding, this happens because the executable is not signed. So I came here to ask if you guys can provide more information, links, videos, or literary anything on the subject.
I want to learn more on how to bypass this, but it has been very hard to find information.
Do you guys know any other techniques to bypass this other than signing the executable?
Ty all

Sharing a very interesting technique => CVE-2023–36025: An In-Depth Analysis of Circumventing Windows SmartScreen Security | by Security Lit Limited | InfoSec Write-ups

I have an update for anyone interested. Apparently, if you download a .exe or .bat directly, it’s almost impossible to get rid of the ugly Defender prompt I show above. But if you compress the .exe to a .rar file. And then download it.
The program will run; no questions are asked.

That’s built in to windows OS…

It’s not recommended to completely remove Windows Defender SmartScreen, as it serves an important security role. However, you can disable it if you find it too intrusive.

Disabling SmartScreen can make your computer more vulnerable to threats.

Disabling SmartScreen:

  • Open Windows Security:
    • Go to Start → Settings → Privacy & Security → Windows Security → Open Windows Security.
  • App & Browser Control:
    • Click on “App & Browser Control”.
  • Reputation-based protection settings:
    • Click “Reputation-based protection settings”.
  • Disable SmartScreen:
    • Toggle the switches off for:
      • “Check apps and files”
      • “SmartScreen for Microsoft Edge”
      • “SmartScreen for Microsoft Store apps”
  • Registry Edits: Some sites might suggest registry edits to permanently remove SmartScreen. Exercise extreme caution, as incorrect changes can damage your system.
  • Security Risks: Turning off SmartScreen increases the risk of downloading malware or visiting unsafe websites. If you choose to disable it, be very careful about the sources of your downloads and the websites you visit.

You could always just switch to Linux.

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