How to download large files from meterpreter shell?

Hello All , Hope you’re Doing Well ,
i’m Newbie in Hacking , last week i hacked employee pc in some company , and i got meterpreter reverse shell , and i want to pivot and i did it with smb exploit ,
i reach an db’s server , so they settup MSSQL db , i want to download files but its so large , how can i download the files without they track me ? or see my activities ?
and does metasploit good choice when i hack company netowrk?

Check the system you compromised for tools like wget, curl, ftp, ssh, etc. All these can be used to download files and look less suspicious than meterpreter traffic. Of course if you want to download files to the database that could still look suspicious, since DBs don’t usually download things xD. I’d say monitor network traffic on the DB and see what’s “normal” for it and try to go along those lines with downloading files.

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