How to find file location of running VBScript in background?

I do penetration testing a lot all the day;
I taken a python script from github and now I forgot its name;
I ran it after it got hidden to my system anywhere;
Everytime I starts my system an cmd opens;
Then VB SCRIPT message popups and disturbs me a lot that I am tired.


And when I open task manager ,
and click open file location,
It takes me to C:\Windows\System32\wscript.exe
Not to file location from where it was being launched.

I accept any type of answer that will solve my problem,
Any type means any type (e.g programmatic,manual,etc).

You can use " ProcessExplorer " of " Sysinternals " for a better experience …

and then in proprieties you will find Command Line option

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@ DamaneDz Lets suppose abc.vbs is running in background.
abc.vbs also runs other scripts like xyz1.vbs, xyz2.vbs, xyz3.vbs,
This will tell the location of xyz1.vbs, xyz2.vbs, xyz3.vbs,
Not the file location of abc.vbs.

Find abc.vbs and read the source and you’ll find the rest easily !

Thats what I was asking,
This file is shown in taskbar,
But I am unable to find it,
How can I find it?

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