How to format your code!


(Command-Line Ninja) #1

Hey 0x00’ers! I am happy to announce we have decent syntax highlight support! :fireworks:

To format your code just embody your code with three backticks. You can also put the language after the first line of backticks if it doesn’t specifiy it. In future I will be adding x86 and other types of ASM. If you need any new languages let me know!

def hello
   puts "world"


def hello
    puts "world"

Have fun :stuck_out_tongue:

Examining the Morris Worm Source Code - Malware Series - 0x02
Python Challenge #3 [Beginner/Iintermediate]
(Command-Line Ninja) #2


WinAPI pl0x. Keen for ASM.

def l33thaxor(x, y):
     print("The tab doesn't work :(")
     space = x + y

this is pretty niffy :slight_smile:
time for the tutorials!!!


Thanks, glad this got added!