How to get the Blackarch full version without the tools or make the slim desktop look more like the full one

So I was wondering, I had the slim version of Blackarch because I felt 2000 tools would be pointless but I also like the full iso look more than the one in the Slim one so is there a way to get the important tools to a version of blackarch with the same look as the full version? or is there a way to turn the slim version look more like the full one so if you don’t get what I mean I just want the important tools in a VM and the desktop should look like the full one

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I think it’s just different desktop environments. Slim uses xfce and full uses openbox or something similar.

can we change it in slim

Blackarch is just a repo that sits on top of arch. Its been a while since i have had to reinstall it but if you a r e looking for specific tools and not the whole 9 you can select catagories to download or tools from those catagories specifically. Also the script for the install asks about the tooling im pretty sure. The UI its self is avail on github so that you technically could do a fresh arch install and add the repo, then import the UI elements you desire from the github repo and have a working extra light version of blackarch.

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