How to Hack Any Wifi Network in <10 Seconds (Flawless Method!)


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Earlier we were discussing in the IRC how kowalski found a really good fast method to crack WPA2.

So without further ado! We’ll jump right in.

Step 1: Turn on WIFi and scan for networks.

You need to make sure the network you select is labeled “WPA2-PSK”, this method won’t work if it is WEP or Open"

Step 2: Click Connect

Once you click connect, it will ask for a passphrase, just enter 12345678, and then click connect*

Step 3: Enjoy!

That’s it! Now go and enjoy your Free Wifi!

I hope I helped you! If this method worked for you, comment down below, and tell me what you are going to do with all that Wifi!

* Note, May only work with some WiFi Networks, specifically those that have 1234568 as the password.

Disclaimer, this is a joke. Please do not get offended and think this is legitimate.


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A PoC by @kowalski would be great. I’m really interested in the technical aspect of that exploit.


Some researchers say that the vulnerability is inside the authentication process, but no one was able to pinpoint what exactly triggers it. It also appears in many routers regardless of manufacturer, suggesting that the WPA2 protocol is flawed. However, users report using strong passwords mitigates this issue.


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We used to hate shitposts on Null Byte, now we got this…

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If you think this is real, it’s time for you to go relearn the internet.


I’m waiting for a random skid to comment saying it didn’t work. :slight_smile:

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would love to see you put this attack in practice in a video.
I recommend you use Unregistered Hypercam 2 for the recording, and Let The Bodies Hit The Floor as a background music.

edit : be sure to correct the typo in the last line before submitting the key or you might end up downloading more RAM


But really now guys, WPA/2 is around for a few years now, and still no easier methods to hack it came around. When WPS is switched off, it’s still not too easy to hack it in my opinion.

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I’ve not had any luck with WPS cracking in the past. I’ve tried a bunch of Access Points, and a bunch of different tools, bully, pixie, all sorts. And it’s never worked out well for me. Can anybody report any success in 2016/2017 with WPS cracking?


i’ve had mixed experiences with it. I"ve cracked some in less than 15 secconds, and now i don’t seem to get any success anymore. Best luck i had on original kali (edit: kali 1.0), tho i dont know if it has anything to do with that. Perhaps the wlans received an update or even got changed to a new box from the telecom provider. Ppl rent them here usually


Yep and my reply clearly wasn’t a joke, that is exactly why I put a half-bearded weird looking man in it sarcasm

don’t get triggered so easily man :wink:


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Did you find the fail?

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It’s an endianness thing.