How to mining XMR on caffee using bettercap?

i want to learn how to do that? i know this is for educational purpose,
i also trying this but ex: bettercap -I wlan0 --proxy-module injecthtml --html-file ‘/home/Desktop/miner.html’
or bettercap -I wlan0 -T --proxy-module injecthtml --html-file ‘/home/Desktop/miner.html’.
bettercap showing me proxy starting on my ip adress and port 8080 but it cant sniff any log. iam using bettercap legacy version 1.6.2. and when i click minning button on website its minning my own machine, not other machine.

So what you’re trying to do is preform a MITM attack, and then inject a crypto-miner.

This has many legitimate uses, such as a demonstration, however I do think with the rise of HSTS and HTTPS this is going to be very hard to preform in 2019.

If your interest is purely informational, I would suggest checking out mitmf or the Man In The Middle Framework, I never had much luck with bettercap honestly.

Another thing you could maybe do is try and catch hashes for a user using Responder. If you get really lucky and the user is using the RID 500 built-in Administrator account, then you can use Impacket or CrackMapExec to execute commands (and install a proper miner).

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Thanks sir…can you make a tutorial for this topic.please sir

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