How to use SharpSploit in my C# project?

Hello everyone, I am currently learning about the D/Invoke mechanism in C# and I am reading these two articles: Emulating Covert Operations - Dynamic Invocation (Avoiding PInvoke & API Hooks) – The Wover – Red Teaming, .NET, and random computing topics and Migrating from P/Invoke to D/Invoke | CyberSecurity Blog. In the articles, the authors use the project GitHub - cobbr/SharpSploit: SharpSploit is a .NET post-exploitation library written in C#. Now I want to implement the code in the articles, but I found that if I compile SharpSploit into a DLL and then load it in my project, the executable file can be executed correctly in the compilation output directory, but if I move the compiled executable file to another Windows machine, it will result in an error. Then I tried moving the SharpSplot source code directly into my project directory, but it cannot be compiled correctly. Can someone help me figure out how to use the SharpSploit source code in my project? I am using VS2019. :smiling_face_with_tear:

thx bro.but How to avoid static features