How would you "Pros" out there, recommend getting started with assembly?

So, I have read many great posts here on getting started with hacking. Now, I know this is a life long journey and will take me years to even be decent at it. I started reading books about exploit development and reverse engineering. Each and every book states “I need to know assembly in order to develop my exploits” Thing is, I can’t seem to find any great resources to help me learn assembly. Sure, there are some books out there. But every architecture has a different syntax. With that said, I don’t know if I should learn an assembler like FASM, NASM or AT&T.

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If you want to get started on Exploit Dev, I’ve found these tutorials useful. They’re linked in the welcome page of the Discord server. ARM assembly basics. Also found a Reddit thread with some resources. They recommend ‘The Art of Assembly Language’, which I happen to have the epub of. Send me a message and I’ll send it over.

Not a pro here but those are my 2 cents
Both the architecture and the assembler you want to learn depend on what platform you’re on, are you using Linux ? In this case you want to go for NASM, or maybe you’re on windows and want to go for MASM, as for the syntax it’s usually a preference but most sane people start with Intel syntax rather than AT&T, if you want some book recommendation. I strongly suggest the art of x86 assembly, it’s a windows book and uses MASM iirc, but it assumes you have no prior knowledge about assembly or hardware concepts and has a big section just for the basics, and those basics of course are the same on pretty much every architecture out there

Not a pro but here’s my opinion. I was in the same situation as you 3 weeks ago. I found a course by a guy named xorpd and it’s a horrendously boring course, but exercises are good and he uses fasm.
I think after learning one assembler (learning the processor) doing things would get much easier. you can easily pirate the course btw.