I am a scriptkiddie want to be a hacker interested in Python

I want to learn python for hacking and making tools with python.
If anyone here is a master in python
You can read this post and feed me some ideas
I want to make python tools to automate tasks.

I apologise if my post is not good. As I am a kid just 16 Indian, village boy.


If you want to learn hacking, you’re in a good place for it, search the forum, you will find some resources list :wink:
If you want to learn python specifically, you should check out the {Black, Grey} Hat Python books by Justin Seitz.
Btw, it would be nice to make an introductions :smiley:

Thanks for fast reply

I think the best way to learn programming for example in python it’s juts to start coding, automate stuff.

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Yep automating stuffs really useful but how to get into it …
Already got a previous reply mentioned books I will go through those and then one day will automate build myself.

:heart_eyes:This community is tremendous

Yes, you should learn C then you are welcome to learn Python or any other programming language according your needs :smile:

Hello @axom_hexor. Personally, I think Python is a great choice. Not only it is extremely popular in infosec, but it is also very easy to learn. If I were you, I would start by reading the official tutorial at https://docs.python.org/3/tutorial/index.html and then either get a book like the ones mentioned above or take a python for ethical hackers course.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure the book/course you pick teaches Python 3, or you will be in big troubles when Python 2 is retired at the end of this year. :wink:



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