I have awoken from my deep lair

I know I know, title is total cringe. Many of you probably don’t remember me, I was a user on here shortly after the podcast imploded and deshi went running off somewhere. That would be…idk…maybe 2017? I was active on here a bit but my total interest in computers sort of petered off to the point where I actually had zero interest in any of this stuff. I spent my time gardening, hiking/camping, brewing, cooking, and working a job I hated and still hate. I saw this as a net negative gain on my entire life. It wasn’t helping it so I dropped it. I had no interests in computers tell about a week ago when two things happened,

  1. mr robot came back on tv reminding me of the good old days
  2. my linux box exploded forcing me to use my old skills to fix stuff.

It reminded me how much I miss this stuff, and wish I could learn more about it. It made my long for the good old days. The days when I would get home from school and crack into a box or read up on some write ups or watching defon videos(theres two whole years I need to catch up on). Days where I had something to look forward to and a career where im not working with common felons like I am now. If past me could look at me now he would wonder what the hell happened and why im not in college or doing anything yet.

Anyway, its been well over a year since I’ve done anything code related or even computer related. I’ve basically been running the same stuff(just with updates) since late 2017. I’m going to try to stay in this as best as I can. I think I am going to learn python first(again) and go into other programming languages. See where that leads. Hope to speak to a lot of you over the next couple months.

Edit: I also see the IRC channel as been completely blown off the site entirely. Silver lining is I won’t have to read susers crap but theres a lot of good stuff gone from that. I quite liked that part of the site. Is there any plans to make a new one? Or one at all? Or is it all discord now?


I think it’s all discord now - but it looks like I’m the only one surprised like… was there a podcast? Is it still up somewhere?

Let me know if I can help with Python, or some general programming shit. I’m not good at it, but it’s what I do at work - and of course, welcome (back)!

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