I need help about a Delphi file

I have an exe file that written in the Delphi programming language. I do not have the source code of this program. This program connects to a server with a specific IP address and now the IP address of that server has changed and this program does not work. I want to change the IP address of this executable file. I don’t know if this is called reverse engineering or decompiling or something else.
What tools are suitable for this work? I would be grateful if someone could guide me.

Thank you.

Maybe I can help leave some contact to chat with

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Thank you so much for your reply.
I sent a message. Please check it.

I opened the file and find something like the below:

 004DDD0C  53657276696365205365+             db    'Service Server IP'
 004DDD3C  46696C65205365727665+             db    'File Server'
 004DDD50  46696C65205365727665+             db    'File Server IP'

 004DDD0C                           SLP004DDD0C_Service_Server_IP:
 004DDD0C  53657276696365205365+             db    'Service Server IP'
 004DDD1D  000000                            Align    4
 004DDD20  FFFFFFFF                          dd    FFFFFFFFh
 004DDD24  09000000                          dd    00000009h
 004DDD28                           SLP004DDD28_MabnaPath:
 004DDD28  4D61626E6150617468                db    'XYZPath'
 004DDD31  000000                            Align    4
 004DDD34  FFFFFFFF                          dd    FFFFFFFFh
 004DDD38  0B000000                          dd    0000000Bh
 004DDD3C                           SLP004DDD3C_File_Server:
 004DDD3C  46696C65205365727665+             db    'File Server'
 004DDD47  00                                Align    4
 004DDD48  FFFFFFFF                          dd    FFFFFFFFh
 004DDD4C  0E000000                          dd    0000000Eh
 004DDD50                           SLP004DDD50_File_Server_IP:
 004DDD50  46696C65205365727665+             db    'File Server IP'
 004DDD5E  0000                              Align    4

But, I can’t find the IP address.

Any idea?

can you help me too?

If you want to PM it to me, I can take a look.

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