I want to be a hacker ,coder but my parents are against it

Depending on which country you live in you may be entitled to get somewhere to live and money in your pocket per month… and can then spend all day every day learning infosec/coding/hacking, etc.

If you are in the UK… I would do this.

  1. Look up Universal Credit claim and apply for it, state depression/anxeity/etc.
  2. Go to the doctors and get medication for depression/anxeity/etc and a sickness note that you will need to copy/email for your UC application

They will also pay your rent for housing as well if/when you find somewhere, your council tax, etc. All in all you should have around £1k/month (including your rent money)

Then you have your own place, and can learn as much as you like etc.

I don’t know… just an idea.

I think the USA has something like this also and most likely other western nations also i imagine.

Universal Credit Claim Link: Apply for Universal Credit - GOV.UK

That amount stated is like the basic thing as well. If you have more srs conditions you can apply for PIP as well which would give you like 2k a month and can rent any car you like on their credit reference and you pay much smaller monthly payments, I think they also pay your insurance, and ofcourse rent.

EDIT: And obv if any questions on forms or if asked by the job center in interview etc,… No you cannot work because of your depression/anexity/etc … Otherwise you will be put on Job Seekers and have to search for jobs every week and show proof and get like £50/week only lol.

(Just saying. This may be for you since you are depressed atm? wanna learn etc? dont wanna live with your parents? and have no money?)

Anyway… Goodluck!

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Yes I totally Agree.
No Hacker’s family or friends truely know he is a hacker unless he is a successful one.
I totally agree with @BL4CKH47H4CK3R and @Derfloink
Its your life, you do whatever you can do best.
I know as per their desire but they are not the ones who are going to do the hard work.
Its totally you. A fish can’t climb a tree while a squirrel can’t swim easily.
Its totally you.
There is no need for them to know. Just Start with HTML, Then C then PHP and JS, try on Node then learn java (very similar to JS) then Python.
In Hacking coding is not everything but you need to know.
BTW I am younger than you and haven’t spent a penny. Come Direct messages, I will help you start.

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Mass communication…and get a degree

Thanks for your advice sir
But there are alot of scams with sneaker botting wouldn’t it be better if you can just sell you’re own product through 3D printing . Thankyou for your help.

Lmao , family buisness ?

Hi there Darkvault,

I usually don’t write responses to questions by people in “forums” anymore unless something bugs me. I’m an old boffin myself (read: parent) and been into the wast era of computer’s bits’n’bobs for too many decades by now, and I’m most likely at the same age as your parents as well if not older.

Now, there is one thing you have to understand when you introduce your self to others as a “hacker”, or more precisely “computer-hacker,” and that is the negativity of the aura it gives the persons hearing it. The “hacker” term is rather misused and way off the grid for what it once was associated with, people on the W3 of today are so used to call everything and everybody that knows how to restart a computer a “hacker,” so it kinda lost the soul on the way.

Well enough rumbling.

Try to introduce your compassion to your parents from a different angle. Use terms associated with positivity and respect that will gain value to your statements and in turn most likely make your parents think differently about what you like and are passionate about. Give them good vibes, give them proof that your passion is a respectable profession and very much needed in to-days society and by any means can be turned into a good job in so many different ways other than intended. (now the carrot) - call them out and make them “regret” their misconception.

Give them a lection about i.e (in no particular order) - SANS Security, IEEE, ISACA, Cisco, CompTIA and other highly renowned companies who gives extremely high valuable credibility amongst the “nerds” around the world but at the same time gives you the ability to fulfil your goals. Let your parents see that their “misunderstanding” is filled with people of all ages [David Linthicum, Jeff Barr, Shira Rubinoff, Mikko Hypponen, Runa Sandvik, Adam Levi etc…] highly educated OR self-thought, with a drive to make a difference in today’s world with their “superior” knowledge and curiosity in a never-ending expanding world of technology. Use terms like a researcher, research analyst, ***security expert/manager, network-engineer, forensics and so on. As long as it associates with prestige you will likely turn the tables as long as THEY are going to pay for the education you want.

If that’s not the case, all you have to do is to read, study, read, study, read aaaand study - about computers, coding [Look at the source, luke!], networking, be curious, gain knowledge, break stuff, repair stuff, bend stuff, reverse stuff, learn to search, with good search techniques you can find yourself getting quite a bit of class A, quality info -"Each search engine can be “reversed” differently. It’s up to you to find the “magic queries”- learn about the “lores” AND get your self a propper OS… [ “The importance of this rambling does not lie in the details I provide, but in the typical problem thou have nowadays, every time you connect to the internet: You’ll never know what happens in the background… (and this applies to each Software/Process that is running on your Windoze System]”

Don’t throw terms like “hackers”, “crackers”, “blackhats,” or whatnot around that won’t benefit your mission unless it is your m8’s you want to impress.


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I tried to give terms like cyber security and why computer’s are an essential part of humans in this century. it’s just that they don’t give a shit, they want me to do things that they couldn’t do and they’ve told me feel free to walk away from my house and don’t expect any financial support ; if you don’t choose to study mass communication. So here I’am preparing for an entrance exam for college.

I tried to give terms like cyber security and why computer’s are an essential part of humans in this century. it’s just that they don’t give a shit, they want me to do things that they couldn’t do and they’ve told me feel free to walk away from my house and don’t expect any financial support ; if you don’t choose to study mass communication. So here I’am preparing for an entrance exam for college. I’m clueless , they’re ignorant towards my thoughts and I tried my best to explain it to them.

What part of “mass communication” exactly? The one that handles mass media (Television, Newspapers, Radio, etc…) OR the one surrounding weather-related events, power outages, fires, and workplace emergencies related stuff?! My bet is the “media” part?!

Yea, the one that handles mass media.

Well, then!

But before you comply with their wishes. I would certainly, get them something to think about regarding the ignorance they surely apply towards you. Give them some facts about what YOU wish to combat against in the name of mass media [and entertainment public attack surface] and turn their own “weapon” against them.

Let them be aware of the facts and why your passion can help to provide further success of the mass media business with you doing what you want, after all, you are going to work in the field of mass communication ain’t you :

Cybercriminals have recognized the opportunities that online platforms represent for celebrities, sports teams, and the media and entertainment industry as a whole, and seek to exploit their market presence and revenue potential ← now, this is where you turn the “hacker” term into “researcher” (the positive vibe).

**Key findings are taken from the - ZeroFOX Threat Report - of 2020:

- 70% of identified threat activity facing the media and entertainment industry is related to sensitive content. Media and entertainment brands are frequently targeted with offensive content - explicit posts, negative sentiment, violence and controversy. Since reputation and fandom is so important to revenue streams, media and entertainment brands need to understand what is being said about their brand, content and talent online.

- Sports teams and related organizations are top targets for digital attack While sports represent a small portion of this segment, due to the high profile nature of sports talent, sports-related threat activity made up 63.3% of all incidents identified.

- Impersonations, leaked information and pirated content are top tactics for attackers Other top attack tactics targeting media and entertainment include Impersonations (7.3%), Compromised Credentials and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) (1.4%), Cyber Attack Chatter (5.2%), and Pirated Content/Counterfeit Goods (6%).

- 73% of protection concern in this industry is focused on protecting high-profile individuals Protecting executives, VIPs and other talent is of critical concern to media and entertainment agencies.

- 89% of threat activity was found on social media It is clear that social media sites are particularly applicable threat sources to our media and entertainment customers.

What I want with this is for you not to give up and actually fight for the things you like AND want. You ask for help, advice, guidance to overcome your obstacles (thy parents) or at least something to justify your urge to NOT listen to your mom and dad. Take it as a challenge, make them believe in you, do what they ask on your premisses (the agenda) do your “hacker” SE-101 on them, go strong!!


**Media and Entertainment Industry Digital Threat Report | ZeroFOX

Who wants to be a media person ? Everyone knows they’re corrupt but what i can say I’ve no other options , they told me to go to the university and study mass communication and I tried my best to convince them. They’re just saying they don’t wanna listen anything now. So I’ve thought to buy a 3D printer and learn it and sell my products maybe and once I get my certs I’ll try to provide online services. Invest 30% on index funds.+ I’ll have to go to the university for 10 hours And rest I’ll try my best to give it on learning web hacking, networking ,coding etc. and improve but the sad part is they want me to live in a hostel and I’m trying my best to convince them about it too ,also they’re least supportive about it… right now I don’t have my laptop with me and I’m preparing for an entrance exam. They’ve kept my laptop and they’ll give it to me once my exams are over. I’m frustrated with my life man ; I’ll have to be financially stable if I want to get rid of this torture still I’ll try my best. I don’t wanna be script kiddie , I want to work hard and be really good at it . I’ll have to find a way to give rest of my time to learn.

Hey man you are trying to be come a hacker, key point is finding solutions and exploiting systems. Its not all technical maybe think a bit outside of the box and see if you can come up with an Idea that favors you. Can’t give you an answer to what that might be I don’t know you well enough but I am sure that you can get creative and find something. Just an Idea, maybe have it in the back of your head and think about it a bit don’t force it. It all gets better my friend.