I want to be a hacker/coder but my parents are against it

Theyre saying they’ll not waste a single penny if that’s the case and they’re saying that stupid people do all these nonsense and they want me to do something else but I’m into this and it’s Okey if no one takes care of me .Any quick way I can make a little living from any skills related to this field anyway and if you’ve gone through same situations would love to hear your experience. Sorry for my bad English


I really need help man would repay it
It’s not easy and life is becoming really difficult now.
I’m 17 soon gonna be 18 this August …

Hey bruh! If you are passionate about something and even your parents are against it…then still you should try out your passion. I said this because this is only one life and you have to choose what will be good for you and your future. So, never hesitate about your passion. I am also trying this thing on my own. No one stands with me but still I’m trying to make things happen.

Believe on yourself. Everything will be good :smile:


I think there is no a single successful hackers in this world whose parents exactly knows what he actually does and what he can do :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

There is no age in hacking. You can start anytime. Try to convince people in your way. Its the first skill to become a hacker if you can’t then try learning alternative way (not by forcing or doing crime). Learn more by watching videos, searching internet and gather knowledge. Learn some programming language and gather some infosec skills at first. Never tell your parents or your friends who you really are !

Greetings, BL4CKH47H4CK3R


Yeah I just wanted to opt. for degree related to it but my parents are forcing me to do mass communication but I guess I’ll have to sacrifice my sleep for being a good hacker I’m really curious and interested about hacking in 3 years I want to be really good at it but the sad part is I won’t be able to give more than 5 hours except Sundays to it as my university is of 10 hours + it takes 2 hours for traveling there but I’ll stay focused still are 5 hours enough :slightly_smiling_face:


“Stupid people” - If there’s one thing I’ve seen so far then it’s that there aren’t much stupid people in this field. If you really love hacking/coding and you’re willing to learn it - there are lots of companies paying you for doing so.
What you do right now though depends on your skill-level. If you’re already reasonably good in this I guess you can take some freelancing jobs. I haven’t done one myself but maybe someone else has experience with that. If you’re still a newbie you could try being a trainee at a company (what I do rn).
Wish you lots of luck dealing with this (and some fun aswell)


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Appreciate it !!:slightly_smiling_face: you’ll be fine brother !!

I think you need to show them Glass Door salary and position summaries. Show them job postings and some research papers. Everything we do can be learned/trained/developed for free and the community is ridiculously supportive.

Hacker does not mean some person breaking into networks causing havoc with a mask on. Hackers are curious people that have found their home on a PC/digitial world.
Good luck to you!

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Thanks for your support sir !!:slightly_smiling_face: Can I know what it takes to be an cyber intelligence analyst . I’m in a situation where if I’ll not listen to my parents I’ll go homeless and I want to make sure whatever I do I’ll have to be really good at it. I’m 17 soon 18 and I’ve a keen interest in hacking and I want to be really good at it in coming years .

I would recommend talking to your parents. Don’t drop this, at 17 I was no where near you as far as outlook. Keep it up, I think if you can show them the value it brings, that would help. You can reference Military Occupational Specialities involving Intelligence and Cybersecurtiy, Government Organizations involving cybersecurity and the like.

As far as Threat Intelligence, that is a tough one to get in to. In my experience these are Intelligence Professionals with an interest in Cybersecurity, or IT professionals with an exemplary skillset with data analysis and action. It’s definitely fun though.

The above references my experience only, and I am not working in Threat Intelligence any longer and have transitioned to Threat Research and Hunting primarily.

I’ve two options either don’t listen to them and go homeless or listen to them and learn hacking skills on my free time and I’m ready to sacrifice my sleep for it .
Unfortunately my parents are very ignorant I’ve tried to talk before they just don’t listen. They just say your getting food and clothes to wear cause of us so you’ll do whatever the fuck we want . They’ve already decided and I’m gonna have an entrance exam for university after a month for which I’m preparing and my university will be of 10 hours and rest I’ll spend improving and learning my hacking skills … I just wanna get rid of it… once I start making money they’ll no longer would be able to have control over me .

I used to do this before changing my degree to computer science. Even while I did my comp sci degree, I still prioritised learning things myself and sacrificed grades. I don’t know if you should do that (I almost flunked out) but it’s definitely achievable. Besides, I haven’t wasted a single cent in the many years I’ve self taught until I got my first job in the cyberz. If you asked me if I would do it again, I would 100%.

If you need a helpful community, come join the Discord.


I’m happy to know that you made it
I’ll try my best !!

I’ll just put this here.

My parents did not support my endeavors at all. When I started playing around with malware and got my parents network infected, my father required a suite of antivirus software and a network WAF, when I subverted the network WAF to continue to visit sites good and bad may father continued to try and put blockers in place to stop my progress. When I finally figured it would be better to just have my own modem my father was against that (because he couldn’t monitor what I was doing) and his defense was that he didn’t want the FBI knocking on their door. But that didn’t stop me.

I was dealing with depression and had altered interests that didn’t include college, so after a while of dealing with me my parents kicked me out but I never gave up on my vision. Six years later, four years on the street with two not, I finally am in a position to continue my dream and my goal of becoming a red team operator. I’m very close to getting what I want.

The moral of the story is you don’t need anything but your drive and will to be whatever you want to be. Thankfully you don’t need college in this field unless you primarily just want to do research, you also don’t really need certifications, you just need knowledge and practical application. Most degrees are for HR or other managers to look at to see if you’re qualified and most certifications are just icing on the cake when looking at your personal projects or your accomplishments in general.

Good luck

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I’ve been depressed mostly in my life. Life is getting hard man. The main obstacle is money which let’s my parents control me against my wishes and I know that I won’t survive on streets without money,if only somehow I could make it…I’ve already begun my preparation on an entrance college exam after talking to my parents several times what I’m into but I was ignored each time.
I can understand you brother i hope you’re doing okay.

Hey man, keep us updated! I’d really like to help out if possible.


Thank you for your kind words sir ! I’ll update once my exams are over your already helping me by guiding me.If there’s anything you want me to know I’ll follow that sincerely under your guidance. :black_heart:
I’m very grateful.

I’m curious what do they want you to do lol

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Hey man sorry to hear that. If money is an issue maybe look into sneaker botting. Huge scene with insane amounts of money to be made. To give you a starting point look at this DISCORD Server. You ashould be able to get some jobs and make good cash. Make sure you don’t get scammed and don’t do anything illegal. Hope I was able to help a bit.

Hopefully you can follow your passion it often takes time for parents to understand this kind of stuff so don’t get demotivated and keep up the effort.

Let me know if you have any more questions :))