I will be back Hackers :)


#Hello to all the Hackers of 0x00sec !

I don’t have time to post tutorial for the moment but I’ll be right back with new tutorial for beginners ( Like me haha ). For the moment, I’m too busy with my intership report.

The only thing “Cool” about this report is the subject which is about security and hack :slight_smile:

Recently, I was infected with a malware on my android phone.
I decided learn more about Android Malware, so next time you’ll see one of my Guide / How to , maybe it will be about Android Malware analysis or maybe the opposite ( Creating an Android Malware )

I’m still reading all your Guide/Tutorial,



(Mweya Ruider) #2

Android Malware sounds epic :smiley:

Is there any chance that tutorial could show us how to put a backdoor in the apps?


(Leader & Offsec Engineer & Forum Daddy) #3

You can do it with MSFVenom apparently however I never got it to work. There’s also a platform called SPF, Smartphone Pentesting framework, similar to MSF but for smartphones.

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(appie) #4

nice cant wait !!!N:)

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Yeah I’ll do some research :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nice! I’m actually planning on being a Malware Analyst and if I’m correct @dtm (sorry if I gave the wrong name, I must have forgot if it was you or someone else) is also focused on malware, so I’m rather eager on what will come from this,