I'm officially here!

Hello fellas! I’m happy to announce that I have free time and will be more active here! Also, I want to share my experience and my journey:

Everything started five years ago. I was searching forums to learn C++ and C#, but stopped for a while to go on vacation. Upon returning from that trip, I was very motivated to learn about how “cheats” work, how to perform a DDoS, and about botnets, along with many other things.

I will not promote any site. I had one booter and I was one of those people who thought, “whoa, I can DDoS everything.” I guess I was a script kiddie, but I never acted like one.

After that, I discovered that hacking is more complicated than inputting, “IP : , Time : , Method” and pressing enter to take down everything.

It took me 1-2 years to realize lot of things and how they work. Also, I have met many cool people like @pry0cc, @oaktree, @anon79434934, and @unh0lys0da, and I’m glad I joined this awesome community!

And guys, never stop dreaming because one day, they will become true. In the next few days, I will share something that I learned. Expect me!

spylegion (a.k.a., shammy)


Awesomeeee! Great to see you @spylegion, I have also been away recently. I look forward to seeing your posts!

Oi, sorry for the late reply (didn’t see this post)- but as a whole I’ve been touched by your journey you could say, as it’s really similar to what happened to me as well. I’ll really look forward to seeing your content and hope I can meet you on IRC (if you ever go on there). Hope you have a great day (or night depending on your timezone).

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