Im stupid, should i quit?

I just want to have some advice.
I spent time on doing reverse malware. I try flare-on too, but cant finish. highest quest i can do is level 10 - flare-on 2020.
Am i a bad reverser, im not smart enough for this stuff ? should i quit ?

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Definitely not !, thats not the hacker spirit, perseverance and persistence is of utmost importance in hacking.

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So was i, until i polished my knowledge in assembly and started writing stuff in c and disassembling them, i’m no pro but i’ve come a long way from where i began

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dang, you are right. I’m just disappointed with myself. Need to take a break and start again

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At the end of the day it doesn’t matter whether you are gifted or have an IQ lower than a chimpanzee. Experience conquers all; just keep trying and eventually you’ll get much further than you even thought you could before.


Sir, will C++ will help in reverse engineering…?

Dude, if you like what you are working on, keep going. If you don’t, leave. It’s so simple

You probably are experiencing a form of burn-out and imposter syndrome.

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yep it you reverse some low stuff, most of malware is written in c/c++

i like it but i just wonder if i have enough intelligent for it or not.

thanks i will watch it

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dude, you’re probably going to rock. Just stop underestimating yourself.

Never too stupid, too old, too inexperienced, etc. I don’t know shot about reverse engineering, so therefore you know more than me and could teach me. :slight_smile: Just have to take a break and hit it again fresh.

Hello my dear friend
This requires a strong will. We were all like that. You should not give up too soon. And stop trying.
You have to work hard to repeat the exercise.
You need to cut the programs written in C/C++ into small functions and start writing them in assembly language so that you can fully understand.

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Raisen!!! Don’t give up! We are on the same boat. Just have too keep pushing to execute. Only way we learn is from our mistakes.