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Hello all,

Looking for some basic/summary advice about how to identify accounts from various sources (steam forums/discord users etc).
I’m basically trying to highlight some bad actors on steam who are managing to mass-ban honest users by using multiple sock puppet accounts to report and ban others

I’m not sure how to go about this so looking for basic advice on what I should start to learn to put together an info-pack / build up information.

I have some very basic knowledge from some online courses on ethical hacking/security but getting a little lost in how I would approach this task.

Before posting it says this is a similar topic to gathering sensitive info/doxxing. Whilst I am not interested in any financial gain or highlighting in public any bad actors, my aim is to gather info and provide this direct to the companies themselves to enable them to take action on the bad actors. Simple reporting is not enough in this case.

Any help would be appreciated - thanks in advance


There are a large amount of projects that focus on OSINT. This is by no means a complete listing.

And sites like:

Also you probably should search the 0x00sec forums for OSINT and has an API.


Thank you c0z. I’ll begin digging and reading through all this stuff…appreciate it o7

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I don’t really have much to add, but figured you could use a bot to search since you seem to be digging into multiple targets of discord. This tool will find almost everything GitHub - C3n7ral051nt4g3ncy/GitOSINT_Bot: GitOSINT: The OSINT Powerhouse for Discord. The go-to Discord bot for Open Source Intelligence (OSINT).

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How do you exactly consider these tools safe

Well you can:

  • 1: Look at the source code
  • 2: Look at the reputation on Github / Gitlab
  • 3: Look at the author information, issues and discussion posts
  • 4: Run the code on an isolated VM and complete introspection
  • 5: Say "Fuck it"™ and just run it on your machine

I usually do all these steps except 4, unless it looks sus as fuck or I do not have time to look at the code.

Aaah. yes very informative no rlly thank you very much

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