InfoSec and Artificial Intelligence

hello 0x00sec members!! This is my first post so i will do my best not to make it too complicated.
First i want to clarify that I’m no expert in either AI or InfoSec so if i give any false information please let me know.

In this post i will give a brief introduction to both Artificial Intelligence and InfoSec fields and then show some uses of AI in InfoSec.

Artificial Intelligence:
Artificial Intelligence is the field of computer science with creates algorithms that make machines exhibit intelligence.

Information Security:
Information security is the practice of keeping information either in electronic or physica form safe from any unauthorized access.

You might be wondering, well how do i combine AI with InfoSec?

  • intelligent algorithms can be used to identify and automatically response to cyber threats.
  • AI-based algorithms could provide instant feedback of any malicious activity within a network.
  • intelligent systems can predict cyber attack and automatically defend the network

Those are just some uses I thought if you have any other ideas please let me know. The field of InfoSec could benefit a lot from Artificial Intelligence as long as we make sure we don’t create a real-life Skynet. Thank you all for reading this post I’ll do my best to improve next time.


Great first post cr1ms0n1r1s!

I’m looking forward to the advances in AI based infosec. Here is an article briefly describing some experimental antivirus software that utilizes deep learning to identify and prevent malware.


Didn’t DARPA host a CTF event where the teams consisted of AI’s?


Thanks I’ll read the article and maybe write something about it

As I posted before, AI can be used for password cracking, by the same token Im sure (while un-researched) could be used to create more efficient password generation/encryption. but, shrugs I require more pylons.

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