Install cert to connected android

hi, how to install certificate and get all HTTP/S data from connected client (without setting their proxy), thank you !

If your device’s android version is greater than 7.0 (i think) then you need to root your device and only after that you can install certificates on system level.
Install Magisk Manager and use “trusted credential” module for this.

For your second question I recommend Burp. Set proxy port to 80 and then you don’t need to set proxy on connected device. But you need to install cert as I mentioned above via Magisk.

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so yeah, my plan is :

  1. I’m the owner of the wifi, and if someone want to connect to my wifi, they must install my cert (redirected to download .pem / cert file, and android will automatically open cert installation popup),
  2. after client connected to my wifi network, and my cert already installed, so yeah, i can retreive the http/s data

and i still confused in proxy part, :confused: is burp will run on wifi server or specified ip ?, and i’ll use raspberry pi for this

According to my knowledge, that/what you are trying to do is not possible without “WPA Enterprise”.
and cert installation always remains pain for every connected client.

this is possible, i think, in WPA enterprise but I am not sure that is this works on android or not.

Multiple ways for doing this, first way is ARP poisioning and second way is use your machine as router i.e bridge two interface one for connection to the internet and second for connection for clients. This is up to you how you design Network Architecture.

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