Introducing 0x00sec/Leap Security CTF 2018!

Welcome to the inaugural Leap Security and 0x00sec CTF!! We have teamed up with the guys at Leap Security to bring you this challenging fun-filled event. The CTF has no limitations on participants as it is open to anyone (no registration required) – think of it as our gift back to the community!


$ timedatectl

Time: Saturday, 15 December 2018, 12:00pm (UTC)/1544875200 (Unix)

Location: Remote, anyone can participate.

The CTF ends 24 hours after the start date on Sunday, 16 December 2018, 12:00pm (UTC) / 1544961600 (Unix)

$ L00t

Participants must register on 0x00sec and reach Trust Level 1 to qualify for a prize.

1st Place: Burp Pro + Shodan Pro License

2nd Place: Shodan Pro

3rd Place: Shodan Pro

4th Place: CTF Runner up Badge on

5th Place: CTF Runner up Badge on

To make awarding prizes easier, use your 0x00sec username when registering for the CTF. If you are unable to do that, put your 0x00sec profile link in the Website tab.

$ man CTF.0x00

The start of the CTF and hint for the first challenge will be released on Leap Security’s twitter page (@LeapSecurity).

The Leap Security 0x00sec CTF is a remote CTF dedicated to the community.

You can create your accounts right now at!

Leap Security shirts will be available in limited quantities throughout the duration of the CTF. 0x00sec swag is also available for purchase through their site.

$ countdown --now

Excited for the upcoming CTF? Follow @LeapSecurity and make this page your landing page!


Awesome to see that project going down now! I hope everyone who participates will enjoy it a lot :slight_smile: !
Good luck and have fun in advance to everyone thinking about joining!


Signed up! I think. I got an error 403 foribidden, but when I tried to make a team again it said that the email and team name were already registered. Anyway, my team name is Team Name. Looking forward to the competition!

Yes that seems to be an error we were having last year.

It still works, just navigate away.

i’m looking forward to it!

Awesome! Really cool to see another ctf this year!

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HackMiami is created and looking forward to play n learn.

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Awesome Initiative!! Great job!!

This sounds really cool!

Sneaky one, hello world

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Looking forward to this!

I can’t wait to fail hard!

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i’m so much excited :computer:

12 days left people!

Are you ready?


12 days of Christmas? XD

I’m not doing the CTF due to the fact that well… I’m just too busy to do something like this CTF, but good luck everyone!

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im excited af… 5 more to go


Never played CTF, is there a way to observe the process or is the game setup, just to play?

Thanks Bin

Just go to, login, and go down the rabbit hole.

It will make a lot of sense.

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Can’t wait to take part in this! I’ve already got a small local team assembled, good luck to all!