Introducing: A Light Theme for 0x00sec!


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Hello, 0x00’ers!

As we’re a hacker forum, our colour scheme and the interface has taken its roots in more traditional hacker/programmer/tech culture, which is generally speaking, dark (Quora).

Maybe it’s something to do with the stereotype of hackers working at night, or in the dark, which has, in turn, influenced our theming decisions to be mostly dark.

Ever since we first released to the public, it has had a grey, dark interface, which has been mostly loved by the community.

However, there have has been some controversy as to the appeal of a dark theme, and a few have shown interest in a light theme for 0x00sec. This is completely understandable since aesthetics is 100% subjective.

If you’re among these people, then today is your lucky day, as we’re officially releasing a light theme for 0x00sec!


This can be selected from or

Your Profile > Prefrences > Interface

We’ve also chosen a new code highlighting scheme to go with the new light theme, so your code highlighting will look good too :slight_smile:

What do you think of the new light theme? Are you a dark theme or a light theme person? Let us know in the comments!

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In addition to dark themes being rooted to “Hacker culture”, it’s also a plus to have more than a color scheme. Thanks pry0cc!

(Imagamer1) #4

Personally, being someone who stays inside all day, this is pretty scary.


Viewing that screen capture while on the dark theme. :dizzy_face:

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There is yet again another theme!

Chaotic Neutral! Check it out!