Introducing Spoiler Tags!


(Command-Line Ninja) #1

Somebody requested we have a spoiler tag, so that we can hide infomation for challenges and such. Your wish has been granted!

[spoiler] Hello world! [/spoiler] now makes Hello world! , and you just click it to reveal whats underneath the blur. It also works with images.


(The C# Dude) #2

Wow, that shows how much effort you guys invest in this site! Thank you for your extremely fast response!

(Command-Line Ninja) #3

No worries man :slight_smile: we work hard to keep the community thriving :wink:

(Not a N00b, but still learning) #4

Is there a appropiate way to hide code? Using spoiler tags, it doesn’t work very well:

<?php print("Hi there, I should be hidden") ?>

(Command-Line Ninja) #6

No there doesn’t appear to be any way of doing that. Yet.

(Not a N00b, but still learning) #7

Thanks for the reply! I’ll stick with that in the meantime


You have been spoiled